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Traditional Learning vs Online Learning | Abiskar-Foundation

Traditional Learning vs Online Learning

There is nothing to debate in actuality that the world has progressed towards digitalization in leaps and bounds. It’s been years that the concept of conventional rosters in classrooms has taken a backseat. Instead, the emergence of knowledge-oriented tools, social media platforms, interactive forums, and software applications have thrown up arguments about whether traditional learning lets students educate better or going online inspires them to learn with zeal. In other words, it’s one of the hottest debates that would never take an easy pause.

Traditional Learning: The True Scenario

Probably, this is a question whose answer is hardly unknown to anyone. To be straight and simple, traditional learning speaks solely of the convention. This type of learning comprises:

  • A fixed classroom
  • A face-to-face instructor
  • A fixed set of books and copies
  • A wall hanging blackboard/whiteboard
  • A fixed schedule for all classes

If the above points are fused, it will mean that traditional learning demands students to attend a classroom away from home where there will be different instructors for different subjects in different classes. One of the traditional learning advantages is that the classrooms here are big enough to accommodate a minimum of 30 to 40 students or even more. Every student here is bound to attend lessons in school uniforms.

Now, traditional learning has existed for generations and has played a key role in building the careers of millions. Even a lot of parents today prefer going for this learning pattern for their kids. But this does not mean that there are no challenges in this learning pattern.

Online Learning: The Change

Although classroom learning traditional style had its heydays, it is now turning out to be a stereotyped mode of education. Where tablets and smartphones have shown up well with bigger screens and amazing applications, students are now leaning towards flexibility and heading to enroll in online courses. The concept of staying up for hours in a brick-and-mortar classroom is gradually giving way to learning through images, practical lessons, interactive activities, and group discussions in a digital class.

Why is Online Learning More Effective?

Learning online is not only more effective in comparison to traditional classroom learning but also quite productive in terms of career betterment. Plenty of educational institutions in India and other countries across the globe prefer keeping the online format by arranging online classes. The more one learns at his/her convenience, the better it is in terms of progression. This makes online learning effective without any doubt.

Well, there are plenty of reasons why digital education is the need of the hour for every individual who wants to educate himself/herself not for the sake of it.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of online learning:

  • Attending classes from home as per convenience
  • Multiple mediums to interact with teachers and students
  • Saves time, cost, and effort in traveling from home to school
  • Freedom to ask questions without interruptions from others
  • Multiple resources to enhance knowledge in any subject


  1. Attending classes from home as per convenience

There is nothing more advantageous than taking classes from home. More than comfort and convenience, the ambiance calls for safety and familiarity too. The most crucial thing in education is to enjoy and not take it as a compulsion. Hence, an online learner can set up this learning digital platform at home and study online courses by taking his own sweet time.


  1. Multiple mediums to interact with teachers and students

Gone are the days when a classroom used to be the only medium of communication between teachers and students. Today, technology has given rise to multiple interactive channels, and this is where digital education stands a lot lucrative. Apart from using online video, students can join interactive forums, communicate through emails, and even participate in group discussions.


  1. Saves time, cost, and effort in traveling from home to school

In today’s world, time, money and effort count a lot behind transforming an individual into a career aspirant. However, online learners prefer setting up their academic arena at home. This eliminates their necessity to travel and takes extra effort in reaching school. Instead, an online learner can spend more time and initiate better learning strategies at home.


  1. Freedom to ask questions without interruptions from others

One of the unavoidable challenges of traditional classroom learning is facing interruptions. This happens to be the most common scenario when a student desires to communicate with the teacher. Fortunately, an online learner stays away from these barriers. Rather, he finds it so easier to approach the instructor and get things sorted in good time while undertaking online learning courses.


  1. Multiple resources to enhance knowledge in any subject

Dependency on books is a story of the past. The magical contribution of the World Wide Web has created numerous resources through which an individual can enjoy self-paced learning. Today, an online learner can get access to uncountable websites, e-books, smartphone applications, videos, audio-visual sessions, and more to widen knowledge and stay updated.

Well, this indicates how effective and worthy online study is. Just imagine how amazing it would be when you will have no compulsions in carrying books to classes, concentrating hard amidst a bunch of chatterboxes, or heading the way to a tense examination hall. However, this never hints at any sort of leniency towards online learning. Rather, earning online degrees will play a massive role in keeping students focused on their careers.

Traditional Learning vs Online Learning
Traditional Learning vs Online Learning


A Handful of Differences between Traditional Learning & Online Learning

Believe it or not, online study is effective only when you are determined to take it seriously. Just like a classroom learner, one needs to attend classes but on screen. One will have the laptop or smartphone open instead of books and exercise copies. The lessons are creatively new in online learning while one who is in the classroom waits for a chapter to complete for gaining absolute knowledge.

Abiskar Foundation School is one such educational institution that aims at introducing career builders with an innovative learning approach. With a clear intention to help students achieve success through online classes, this online learning digital platform has come up with amazing arrangements for one and all. Students here are sure to have a wonderful experience and seize the opportunity to even complete higher studies from school. If it, therefore, comes to earning an online degree, this online learning school will come as a recommendation.

So, let’s stop judging the winner in the game of traditional learning vs. online learning. Rather, let’s think of joining a digital class, getting more associated with online programs, doing some self-paced learning, and most importantly, seeking quality education.

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